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Feb 5, 2023

Costs to Buy a House in Turkey

One of the most important questions when purchasing a property in Turkey is the costs of purchasing the property, including taxes, fees, and expenses incurred during the purchase process and after the purchase, which we will try in this article to talk about...

First: Municipal tax:

Municipal tax is one of the costs that are paid periodically every year when buying house in Turkey. This type of tax is imposed by the municipalities and on all real estate in Turkey without exception, whether apartments in Turkey or houses in Turkey, houses, etc. This tax is collected by the municipality to which the property you own belongs, i.e. to the municipality to which it belongs administratively. The amount to be paid for the municipal tax is calculated each year, equal to zero, three points from the value of the house in Turkey, and the reason for the municipality to impose such The tax is as compensation for the services you provide to the residents of the area, such as cleanliness, security, infrastructure, and others throughout the year.

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Second: Insurance tax against natural disasters and earthquakes in Turkey:

This tax is also classified as one of the costs necessary to buy house in Turkey and must be paid repeatedly every year, as the payment of the insurance tax against natural disasters is imposed on all property owners in Turkey without exception, whether Turkey's residential or commercial real estate and others, including Buying a house in Turkey, and this tax is paid by the new owner of the house in Turkey, in exchange for obtaining a compensation guarantee for the house he owns in case it is exposed to any natural disaster, including earthquakes, and the amount to be paid for obtaining earthquake insurance is determined. Natural disasters in Turkey so that the value of two US dollars is paid for every one square meter of the house space in Turkey, that is, the larger the real estate area in Turkey, the more this means paying the insurance tax against natural disasters and earthquakes at a higher value.

Third: The costs that are paid on a monthly basis after buying a house in Turkey:

As for this type of costs or taxes, it must be paid every month and frequently, that is, twelve times a year and not just once, and this type of costs is due to compensation for the services that are provided to the residents of the building or The house in Turkey or residential complexes, such as the staircase cleaning service, the maintenance of the elevators that are used in the house, and other services that the guard or the user provides.

Fourthly: VAT in Turkey:

The value of this tax depends on the price that the house enjoys in Turkey when it is purchased in the real estate market in Turkey, so that its value can reach between one percent and eighteen percent of its price. This figure is directly affected by both the house in Turkey and the geographical location in which it is located. This house is located in it, in addition to other factors such as the level that this house reaches in terms of quality and construction, as well as the price per square meter of the land on which the house has been built in Turkey, but the value-added tax is not affected by some other factors related to buying a house in Turkey , such as the total area of ​​the property , but its value is calculated from the net area , and usually the buyer pays this tax when buying a house in Turkey and only once , in contrast to the previously mentioned costs .

Fifth: Property title deed tax in Turkey:

People who buy a house in Turkey are obligated to pay this tax when registering the title deed of the property or the so-called title deed in the records of the Land Registry Department, and that the amount paid for the property title tax must be equal to the value of four percent of the property The amount that was paid when buying house in Turkey, which is the same amount that is officially registered in the contract between the two parties, i.e. the seller and the buyer, and these two parties pay the value of this tax together, meaning that half of its value is on the buyer and the other half is paid from The seller accepted any two percent for the first and the remaining two percent for the second.

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