Live happily in luxury villas!


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Live Happily in Luxurious Villas!

This project stands out for:
Live happily in luxurious villas

We have proposed this luxury project for you because it represents a wonderful merger between the beautiful green nature and the spacious and luxurious villas, as the project contains a large number of villas up to 173 villas on one or two floors, and each villa has a beautiful garden to coalesce with the green project land, which covers an area of ​​up to 60 % Of the total project area, to find yourself living in an evergreen environment, due to the proliferation of evergreen trees and many types of flowers that send peace of mind and give you peace of mind while hearing the sounds of birds singing all kinds of fresh tunes, and this will all live whether you go out to the tuna Go home or sit coffee with your family in your garden.

The land area of ​​the project is 320 thousand square meters, and the construction area of ​​the villas ranges from 226 square meters to 463 square meters. Each villa is equipped with all kinds of luxury, and each of them is provided with a private parking garage and a wonderful pool to enjoy the warm sunshine and relax inside your house. Also, all types of transportation are close to the project, as it is located in the European region of Buyukcekmece, and only minutes away are many government centers, hospitals, universities, popular markets and various schools.



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  • Type Тип недвижимости: Apartments
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