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At the Heart of Record-breaking Istanbul!


This project stands for:
Surrounding Mega Projects, Promising Future

As a new rising star, Başakşehir, has proven itself as one of the fastest developing areas of Istanbul in the last decade. Thanks to the gigantic government projects that gives the area a futuristic perspective for living and investment. This project located in Başakşehir at 12 minutes distance to Istanbul Airport, It has amazing views on the greenery of the area, and untouched forests.

It is located at Europe’s biggest botanic garden, extending on 368 thousand meter square, The residential project is expected to be one of the biggest in the area, and offers numerous choices of apartments tailored to fit your needs. With its branded shopping mall, playgrounds, play station rooms, swimming pools and spa facilities, your free time is enriched with activities.


Speaking of the location, Başakşehir has multiple internationally record-breaking projects, In addition to Europe’s biggest botanic garden, Europe’s biggest hospital complex with the capacity of 2600 beds is expected to be open soon. Başakşehir’s city center will be marked by a square twice the size of Taksim square, equipped with all the needs of residents, starting from government offices, congress and wedding halls, sport centers, cafes, restaurants, and the second biggest mosque in the city with the capacity of 5000 prayers. The new coming metro train line, meant to connect the district to the new airport, and other parts of the city and many other projects are expected to create a boom in the real estate market and make Başakşehir a center of attraction for visitors, investors and residents.


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