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Welcoming Arms for Every Family Member!


This project stands out for:
Accessibility and Family-Concept:

This project is marked by its special location right on the international highway TEM used commonly for easy and fast commute between the Asian and European side of Istanbul. The strategic location saves the residents from the hassle of daily commute inside the city, and carries good investment value, as the city is expanding quickly around the TEM highway.

Built with a family friendly environment, the project is designed to address the needs of every family member, with its outdoor activity areas, playgrounds, shopping center, and spa facilities. The project has amazing panoramic views on green spaces and city life. Hospitals, schools, big shopping malls, and metro train stations can be accessible easily for you and your family members. The increasing interest in the highly populated area of Gaziosmanpaşa, where the project is located, makes it a good investment, both for housing and commercial units.


Общие сведения

  • Flag Состояние проекта: Ready to move
  • Unit Количество единиц: 612
  • Flag Способ оплаты: Installments
  • Price Цена недвижимости: $72,323.23
  • Blocks Количество блоков: 6
  • Type Тип недвижимости: Apartments
  • Delivery Количество комнат 1
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