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For Your Colorful Lifestyle


This project stands out for:
Social Activities and Well-Being

To maintain a vacation-like, modern and upgraded lifestyle, this project offers you great social and spa facilities. With its modern architecture, sleek designs, charming views from balconies, not to forget the private party hall, it invites you to embrace life and enjoy it to the fullest with your family and loved ones.

One of the most promising areas for modern living and investment opportunities, located in the European side of Istanbul. Esenyurt is known for its speedy development in real estate market. The project is located in Esenyurt, next to Beylikdüzü This brings the integration of vitality and well-being into a sophisticated modern life One of the most promising areas has witnessed a great development in recent years, giving it a distinctive character from other regions. 


Общие сведения

  • Flag Состояние проекта: Ready to move
  • Unit Количество единиц: 2785
  • Flag Способ оплаты: Cash & Installments
  • Price Цена недвижимости: $80,687
  • Blocks Количество блоков: 8
  • Type Тип недвижимости: Apartments
  • Delivery Количество комнат 1
  • Delivery Количество ванн: 1

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