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The luxury of living and the magic of life in a Bahçeşehir!


Invest in Both Your Lifestyle and Property


This project stands out for:

The luxury of living and the magic of life in a Bahçeşehir:

This project is located in Bahçeşehir, in the European side of Istanbul. It consists of twelve blocks, with residential units ranging from one bedroom to four bedroom apartments, and commercial units functioning as shops, restaurants, and cafes. The project has a family friendly environment, and it offers a gym, sport courts, swimming pools, spa facilities, as well as cinema, big shopping area, children playgrounds and sitting arrangements in the open air. Around 70% of the project’s area is dedicated for greenery and outdoor recreational activities, which guarantee you a fresh and outgoing lifestyle. The project is located near the international highway TEM, and near a big national park. The area is also waiting for the opening of the metro line, which will make the commute faster and easier, and raise the value of the property.

Bahçeşehir, is one of the fast developing modern areas in the European side of Istanbul. It attracts the interest of investors due to its proximity to the grand project of Canal Istanbul intended to create an artificial sea-level waterway depicting the Bosphorus. Canal Istanbul project is expected to create a boom in businesses, rents, and apartment prices in the surroundings within few years. The area is also known for its serenity and greenery away from the hassle of the city. The Canal Istanbul project is expected to change the face of the surrounding, making the area the new modern centre of Istanbul.


The project  also characterized by providing all the wonderful services and high-end facilities and includes luxurious and spacious apartments of type 1 + 1, 2 + 1, 3 + 1 and 4 + 1, which guarantees you to own the property you dream of.


Общие сведения

  • Flag Состояние проекта: Under construction
  • Unit Количество единиц: 1095
  • Flag Способ оплаты: Cash & Installments
  • Price Цена недвижимости: $41,414.14
  • Blocks Количество блоков: 12
  • Type Тип недвижимости: Apartments
  • Delivery Количество комнат 1
  • Delivery Количество ванн: 1

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