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Feb 5, 2023

Istanbul Airports Receive more than 60 Million Passengers as of August

The head of the Turkish Hotel Owners Association, TÜROB Eresin, stated that passenger traffic since the beginning of this year until August has increased significantly and significantly compared to the same period last year, which declined significantly in the world and in Turkey as a result of the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic. Turkish civil aviation overcame the negative impact of the epidemic with the measures taken last year, which resulted in an increase in air traffic and passenger density this year.

Ersin stated that significant increases were recorded in the number of passengers hosted at Istanbul and Sabiha Gokcen airports in the past eight months of this year, with the arrival of the tourist season during this period, and the increase in domestic and international flights continued.

41 million passengers through Istanbul Airport:

According to information collected from the website of the General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMI), 41,143,862 passengers (41 million 143 thousand 862 passengers) used Istanbul Airport from January to August this year.

And 10,657,810 passengers (10 million, 657 thousand and 810) of these passengers traveled via local lines, and 30,486.52 passengers (30 million, 486 thousand and 52) of them traveled via international lines, and compared to the same period of the previous year, the number of passengers increased by 68%. On domestic flights and by 109% on international flights, during this period the increase in passengers traveling in general was determined to be 96%.

Percentage of international passengers via Sabiha Gokcen Airport: 107%:

The number of passengers traveling through Sabiha Airport during the period from January to August this year reached a total of 19,711,956 passengers (19 million 711 thousand and 956), distributed as follows: 10,039,326 passengers (10 million 39 thousand and 630) on domestic lines, and 9,672,326 passengers (9 million 672 1,326 passengers on international lines.

It is reported that last year, during the first eight months, a total of 14,906,584 passengers were hosted.

From the beginning of this year until August, the number of domestic passengers through Sabiha Airport decreased by  183,273 passengers, while the number of international passengers increased by 4,988,645 passengers (4 million, 988 thousand and 645).

In general, the total number of passengers this year through Istanbul airports this year until August reached 60,855,818 passengers (60 million 855 thousand and 818) locally and internationally.

Tourism market in Turkey this year:

Ersin noted that tourists from the Middle East and the Gulf currently dominate tourism in Istanbul, and the current vitality in the Middle East market continues, adding: “We are also receiving positive signals from other markets, as the movement has begun in the American and European markets, and we expect the arrival of our tourists from Latin America, where We are seeing a noticeable increase as in previous years.”

Ersin noted that the Iranian tourism market was performing very well during the first four, and there was an increase of 370% in the South American markets, 382% in Europe, 236% in Japan, and 224% in the United States of America.

Ersin says: “Although we interpret these increases as a base effect, the rates of increase have reached 3 figures, and in fact reaching 4 figures in the markets of some countries gives great hope for the coming months and years, and the possibility of our loss in the Russian and Ukrainian tourism markets that will be covered by other markets is ongoing.

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