Turkish Nationality and How to Obtain it

Obtaining Turkish nationality through real estate investment

Turkish Passport

Advantages of the Turkish Passport

Countries that the holder of a Turkish passport can travel to without a visa or with an airport visa

Stages of Obtaining a Turkish Nationality

  • 1
    Registration and approval of the application
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  • 2
    Sending the file to the Competent General Directorate to study the file
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  • 3
    Preliminary audit of the file
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  • 4
    The extended auditing stage, archiving, and transferring the file to the competent authorities for evaluation
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  • 5
    Entering the file within the list of citizenship to be approved by the Council of Ministers
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  • 6
    The stage of making a decision regarding the file
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  • 7
    Reporting the result through the authority through which the file has been applied
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The Documents Required To Obtain Turkish Citizenship

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Photocopy of the Tabu (The title deed of the purchased property).

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Valid property valuation report (report valid for three months).

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Payment receipts from the buyer's account stamped with a direct stamp from the bank.

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Receipts from the seller's account stamped with a direct stamp of the bank

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Two copies of the special power of attorney regarding the request of obtaining citizenship.

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Translation of the passport to Turkish language and ratifying it at the Notary in Turkey for all family members (husband + wife + children under 18).


Yes, they do. The Turkish Parliament has issued a decree in 2012, which gives the foreigners the right of ownership in Turkey, without taking into consideration the principle of reciprocity.

Tax number in Turkey (vergı numarsı) is a number of your own; you are sometimes asked for it in legal and official transactions or when opening a bank account in Turkey. You can get this number by visiting the nearest tax directorate in your region with a copy of your passport and your address in Turkey.

After choosing the right property, the purchase process does not take more than 3 days.

You need only your passport.

Yes, you do. You can get a visa either at the airport or when you go to the Turkish Embassy in your country.

The visa lasts for three months. After that you can get a residence permit.

If you are planning to buy a property, there is no need to get a real estate residence permit because you can get a residence permit - for you and for each of your wife and children under 18 years-old - after owning the property. However, if you stay more than three months and you do not buy a property, you can apply for short term residence permit.

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