Which real estate developer would I prefer to buy in Turkey?

Will I pay $ 100,000 for a residential property? Where do I prefer to buy?

By real estate consultant: Mohamed Taha

In Turkey there are three types of construction companies:

1 – government construction companies

2 – private construction companies

3- Joint construction companies

Each of these companies have different features and features, the most prominent of which are as follows:

Government construction companies have a signed purchase contract with the Turkish government, ensuring that you are always at the safe stage.
In terms of finishing, delivery, clarity with full handling

Good discount between cash and installment payments, which in many previous projects is up to 25% of the original price

But there are some points that should be noted:
1- Additional procedures: and must be installed contracts with government departments and always requires the presence of a notary and his fees to the buyer always. When you buy from a government construction company, you will always be obligated to pay with them and you should wait for the most suitable payment plan and convert the available payment plan to suit you.

3- The quality of finishes is always good, not high and luxury compared to private companies.

4. The Turkish government owns whole areas and establishes them in full or guarantees them to pre-approved construction companies where their projects are located.
And the largest example is the area. 25a8% 25d9% 2587% 25d8% 25ac% 25d8% 25a9-% 25d8% 25b4% 25d9% 2587% 25d9% 258a% 25d8% 25b1 “> Bahçeşehir which is a government land and government projects.
and the Basaksehir has government land but the projects are owned by private companies.

5 If you make a late payment, you will definitely be charged.

6 Property valuation is between 10% and 15% lower than the purchase price

In Turkey there are three types of construction companies:

While private companies have two distinct types:

Private companies with bank support from a Turkish bank / the best ratings for construction companies

Because it has:

1- You and the construction company get a bank guarantee from the sponsor bank.
2- Your purchase contract is confirmed and documented by the bank guarantee and at the Turkish notary public (Noter / Tabu Department)
3 – the commitment of the construction companies for the quality of finishing when delivering the project the same quality finishing used in the model apartment.

4. In case of delays in the delivery of the project, a monthly payment will be paid until the date of delivery of the project in the event of delay under any circumstances.

5- Real estate appraisal is often the same as the purchase price due to the availability of full conditions and follow-up by the government.

We recommend these companies specifically to people interested in real estate investment.

Single Private Companies

There are very good companies and are recognized by its history and previous projects
and the history of companies is the biggest evidence of whether successful or failed.
Here you can confirm the history of the construction company and Her projects are often suitable for family stays.

There are bad companies in terms of:

1- Finishing
2- Delivery Date

3- You will not find a solution to your problem because you bought on the basis and got something else
So you will not find any solution to compensate you only Turkish courts
4- Real estate valuation is 20% lower than the purchase price often.

Joint government / private companies

Which property developer would I prefer to buy in Turkey? The land on which the project is located is government land while the established company is a private contracting company with the government.
Most of these purchase contracts are with the Turkish notary.

Remember: consult a real estate expert to guide you to the best project and the best company