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  • Property Type:Apartment complexSpecial
  • City:Istanbul
  • Delivery time:
  • Payment method:
  • year:2019

Project details


The project is located in Sariyer area on the European side of Istanbul, where

This area overlooks the roads leading to various central neighborhoods in

City of Istanbul.

It is known for its multiple industrial zones and is famous for owning coasts on each of the

Bosphorus and the Black Sea at the same time,

where its coastline has all the geographical and service characteristics that qualify it to be one

One of the most beautiful recreation stations on the coast.


The project, which is being built on 20 thousand meters with a building area of ​​approximately 85 thousand

meter and with an investment of 200 million pounds to create 5 buildings and various real estate units.

242 housing units will be allocated 3 buildings while the two buildings will include

The remaining 84 offices plus 12 business units.

covered by the project in a mixed conception that combines various aspects of living and life

Practical and commercial.

The project overlooks many small forests and more than 10

Thousands of meters of landscape and green space

In an attempt to exploit the beauty of the nature of this region and the purity of its air that is famous for it

and give the population a life more intertwined with nature.

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