The positive side in the work of real estate marketing companies

By real estate consultant: Hani Kayali

“Malicious cunning does not need a broker.” A well-known foreigner who, in its direct literal sense, offers no need for a broker, those who work in small offices and take large commissions. Many of them are known for their negative qualities and behaviors of unfairness, integrity and attempt to control the buyer. The seller is using illegal methods to impose a fait accompli, sometimes trying to influence the whole market.

Although the broker has a medium reputation among occupations caused by abusers, the linguistic definition of the broker according to the Lexicon of the Arabs is: who sells righteousness to people, and broker is a Persian word Arabized, and the mediator lexicon has defined the world broker by the world.


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Over time and the development of science and arts management and marketing Real estate marketing companies and real estate agents who took advantage of economic growth and urbanization and the expansion of markets and the emergence of new markets and new customers, to carry out their business more sophisticated and organized based on a set of perspectives, tools and methods that can be summarized as Comes:

  1. Adopting a modern organizational culture based on credibility, accuracy, transparency, responsibility and respect for the customer and focus on the quality of service and customer satisfaction, because happy customers are satisfied with the level of service and who succeeded apartments suitable for them – perhaps cheap apartments – which helps to maintain the reputation and continuity of the company While praising customers in front of their surroundings, professional marketing companies are moving away from the superficial and narrow view that they are only interested in collecting the largest wages from the customer.


  3. Allocation of diverse human resources from experts in the real estate market and specialists in marketing and e-marketing and specialists in economics and law, content writing, design, reception and coordination.


  5. Allocate the necessary financial resources to improve the level of work and quality of service by keeping up with the latest requirements of the digital revolution to reach the required segments of customers and target markets. .


  7. Expanding the scope of work, and its tasks towards the client: to start from the pre-sales stage of building trust with the client by providing the right information and consultancy real estate and legal and conducting introductory lectures by telephone, “online” and in person, and then facilitate the procurement process by proposing projects and investments Appropriate real estate for each client, and provide after-sales services: such as property management, and follow-up file to obtain some citizenship through the laws in force.


  9. Focus on and upgrade the core service, by delivering the client to the right project to achieve the objectives of the purchase, and commensurate with the aspirations and potential, while always striving to lead in keeping abreast of market developments.

Here we should distinguish three types of companies:

– Real estate development companies: construction companies with huge capital began marketing for their business recently, and the business that market them modern and often exceed in the number of fingers of one hand.

– Real estate agents: They are companies that have formal contracts with construction companies for the marketing of their exclusive or semi-exclusive, such as agents who market to projects of state construction companies in Turkey.

Real estate marketing companies : companies that market a large number of real estate projects, may be more than a hundred different projects, which are associated with construction companies contracts Agreements, and their wages are paid by regular bills and corridors under the umbrella of the state and tax laws.

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Real estate marketing companies have achieved remarkable successes through:

1- Its ability to cover a huge number of projects from different construction companies, which offers the customer a wide variety of options belonging to different development companies, which distracts the client from developers who may beautify their own projects, and obscure the disadvantages, because of their limited supply to some extent .

2 – The presence of many real estate marketing companies in markets relatively unknown or wholly for customers wishing to buy, such as the Turkish real estate market, which is very popular due to the importance of Turkey in terms of tourism, and economic, as the crises of the political region has resulted in waves of migration and displacement and people demanding residential real estate Or real estate investments that qualify for Turkish citizenship, which has led to increased demand for the Turkish real estate market and marketing companies operating in it.

    1. Free services provided by most of these companies, where they do not charge any fees for the services of reception, hospitality, lecturing and touring projects, translation and coordination and pre-sale and after-sales services, not to mention the provision of not less expenses related to attorney fees For clients wishing to acquire Turkish citizenship in Turkey, they sometimes offer gentle service offers such as assistance in issuing residences and market certificates, offering symbolic gifts, and they do not require the transfer of any amounts to their bank account for the purchase of the property because they are not originally the seller.


    3. The possibility of obtaining additional benefits, some marketing companies distinguished in their work and sales get from the developer real estate certain advantages are very useful, such as the conclusion of investment contracts between the developer (construction) and marketing company customers in order to manage the new property after purchase, where in many cases Transfer certain rent amounts to the buyer’s client account.

    Although the role and professionalism of real estate marketing companies is important, there is a downside that needs to be examined at length, especially as more and more intruders enter the field of marketing, real estate marketing and adopt unrelated methods of business ethics. About this, we have singled out an independent article soon to see the light.