2 How to choose the right area when buying an apartment in Istanbul

Basaksehir District:

2 How to choose the right area when buying an apartment in Istanbul Located on the bank

The right of the Istanbul Canal, the project of the century for the Turkish state, features an area

Başakşehir is the closest to absolutely to the third airport of Istanbul,
It is where the largest square in Turkey is being built to match the beauty of the division in addition to

The botanical garden that is being built as it is the size of 100 stadiums

United football and metro make it a very special area.

This region receives clear discrimination from the Turkish state and attention over others

of the regions so the largest hospital in Europe was established and has been used

10,000 doctors from Europe to work in this medical complex.

What distinguishes the region: the existence of a metro line in addition to being a conservative areas

Its proximity to the Istanbul Canal and the third largest airport in the world makes it a kiss.

For investors and lovers of calm because of the large areas in the region.

Disadvantages of the area: With the metro line, the area of ​​Basaksehir is still

Far from the center of Istanbul, the presence of large empty spaces lead to lack of vitality

region sometimes.

Average property price is 650.000 TL for medium apartments.

Apartments in Basaksehir


2 How to choose the right area when you buy an apartment in Istanbul located on the bank

left of Basaksehir area. What distinguishes this area is the calmness and abundance of spaces

Green with a very special garden inside it called golet

Metro station will be connected to the area at akbati mall, one of the most famous

Malls in the region as a whole is 39 km from the center of Istanbul but

Very close to Buyukcekmece area

where the sea and the beautiful coast as well as its proximity to the third airport more what

The area distinguishes that the slums in the area do not exist completely

Since the whole area is a project area which gives the area a beautiful luster and because of

It is located in a lively area there are many hotels will open during the period

The most famous is the Sheraton Hotel.

What distinguishes the region: it’s the best place for lovers of relaxation, nature and lack of

Slums in addition to beautiful places of service and many cafes and restaurants

Disadvantages of the region: the difficulty of transportation and its relative distance from the center of Istanbul

The average price of the property is 500.000 TL for medium apartments

Apartments in Bahcesehir

Esenyurt Region:

2 How to choose the right area when buying an apartment in Istanbul is one of the most

Areas most sought after by real estate companies.

This area is divided into two parts: a section close to the square and a section far from it.

Close to the E5 line we as real estate advisers advise you not to buy near

From the field due to the large number of slums and congestion in addition to the scarcity of projects

Residential and dependence on independent buildings.
The other section, which is close to the E5 line, is one of the areas recommended.

Being close to the metropus linking the two parts of Istanbul and around the clock

And also the lack of random buildings in addition to the presence of the second largest mall in each


Snowy TORIUM MALL and many beautiful and service places in the area

What distinguishes this region: the ease of transportation and many in addition to that the area

Very lively, with plenty of nice places to serve, cafes and restaurants

Arabic, Turkish and international, especially in the region of republics. And the presence of several centers Shopping

Disadvantages of the region: price differentials by proximity and distance from the field and E5

Slums in the vicinity of the square Distance from the center of the country

Average prices are 450.000 TL for intermediate apartments

Apartments in Esenyurt

Beylikdüzü Region:

Where it is also a high-end areas being the closest areas to the sea in addition

For the presence of the marina in Istanbul there are two marina places only on the coast of Atakoy and in

Beylikdüzü Coast.

In addition to many cafes, restaurants and many other services

This area is characterized by the existence of huge projects in it and the lack of random buildings in addition

It meets the demand of customers who are looking for calm and sea views.

Located at the southern end of the E5 ring line, its continuation is secured to its location near

from the metrobus line as it’s close to the malls and service areas in addition

Arab restaurants and being close to the sea abound tourist activities.

Characteristics of the area: Lack of slums – Upgrading the area compared to areas

Other frequent services and presence of Arabic speakers – easy transportation being a

Close to the metrobus line

Disadvantages of the region: price differentials by proximity and distance from the field and E5 –

A somewhat rural area, especially the closer we are to the sea – the higher price

compared to areas near this region

The average price of the region is 550.000 TL for intermediate apartments

Apartments in Beylikdüzü


What determines the area you want to buy is you, not real estate companies.

You want to buy a property near the center of the country you can choose the areas near the center.

When you want to buy a property closer to the rural areas with sea views too you can

Choosing a region with its flaws and features, be the leader of choice?

If you want to consult more extensively about areas, don’t hesitate to contact us or leave your number to contact you via the following form:

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