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Feb 5, 2023

Factors Affecting Real Estate Prices in Turkey

Many people are rushing to buy real estate in Turkey due to the many benefits they get, as the process of buying property in Turkey by foreigners is easy and simple, and the Turkish government has issued many laws encouraging real estate investment in Turkey and reduced taxes As well as providing the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying property in Turkey.

The biggest question on the investor's mind is the price of the property, how it can be determined, and what are the factors affecting the price of real estate in Turkey... This is what we will learn about.

The city in which the property is located:

Turkey includes many cities, and each of them has its own advantages. Of course, real estate prices in Turkey vary according to the city in which you are located. For example, buying property in Istanbul, which is one of the most important tourist and economic cities in Turkey, needs more money than buying a property in Gazi For example, Gaziantep or any other inner city.

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The location of the property within the city:

One of the most important factors affecting real estate prices in Turkey is the location of this property within the city, where there are areas known for their investment importance and strategic location, and this leads to an increase in the price of the property within them. For example, if you are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul, you will find that there are luxurious and upscale areas And real estate prices in Istanbul are high , such as Sariyer and Basaksehir , but if you are looking for cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul , you should go to Esenyurt , Silivri and other similar areas .

View of the property:

When looking for a property for sale in Turkey, you should pay attention to the view that this property enjoys, which plays a role in determining the appropriate price for it, as the apartment that has a direct view of the sea will have a different price than the apartments that overlook the gardens and forests, which in turn differs Its price is for real estate that overlooks an ordinary street.

The property's proximity to transportation links:

Turkey has a huge and diverse transportation network of land, sea and air, and due to the wide distances in Turkey, the interest in transportation lines has increased and working to meet the needs of citizens, and this is why you should pay attention when buying a property in Turkey on the transportation lines close to the region, as this matter is important Severely for employees and university students to reach their work and universities on time.

The proximity of the property to service and recreational facilities:

Other factors that play a role in determining the price of real estate in Turkey are the proximity to service centers such as schools, universities and health centers in addition to the government department, as the closer the property is to these facilities, the price will increase, and this also applies to the proximity of the property to recreational and tourist areas such as Restaurants, hotels, markets and malls, especially if the goal of the property is real estate investment and renting to tourists.

Internal property specifications:

We move to talk about the internal specifications of the property, which plays a major role in determining its price. For example, the area of ​​the property greatly affects its price. If the area increases, the price will rise. The number of rooms, bathrooms and companies also affects and we do not forget the quality of materials used in construction, type of paint and shapes Decorations, quality of finishes and other important details.

Type of property in Turkey:

The type of property itself plays a role in determining the appropriate price for it, according to the features it possesses. For example, smart apartments in Turkey and as a result of their reliance on an integrated electronic system that controls everything in the house will have a high price, and this also applies to villas and other luxury properties As for the properties under construction and apartments of old construction, these are known for their low prices, and this also applies to studio apartments with limited space.

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