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Feb 5, 2023

Luxury Apartments in Istanbul

Are you looking for luxury apartments in Istanbul? Then read this article.

Istanbul is the golden land of real estate investments in Turkey and the economic capital. No matter how intense real estate investments are in the various states of Turkey, Istanbul is the best, the most profitable and the most powerful.

When mentioning Istanbul, we must draw attention to the tourist importance that this ancient city enjoys. It is one of the oldest capitals in the world, and on its land ancient civilizations took place and left us the greatest monuments and artifacts. In addition to its diverse natural strategic location, which imposes its extension to the continents of Asia and Europe, this gives diverse results in terms of the environment and the general atmosphere and adds diversity of living to life, its nature, and even to the nature of real estate investments in it.

With the increasing demand for real estate investment in Istanbul, luxury apartments in Istanbul is considered an ideal choice for foreign and local investors and buyers who want to obtain properties that combine luxury and comfort in the heart of this vital city, being a historical, cultural and economic center, which includes a variety of luxury apartments in Istanbul that attract investors from all over the world. These properties feature innovative and modern architectural designs and luxurious facilities that meet all the needs of modern life. In this article, we will explore the advantages and characteristics of luxury apartments in Istanbul, and how to take advantage of suitable offer opportunities.

Luxury hotel apartments in Istanbul

The clear tourist atmosphere of the Istanbul makes the real estate renaissance represented by the abundance of offers of luxury apartments in Istanbul and luxury hotel apartment a real need to meet tourism needs and meet the desires and tastes of all Arab and foreign tourists, and to ensure providing a high and sophisticated level of services and entertainment.

Offers of luxury apartments in Istanbul are distributed across all neighborhoods and regions of Istanbul, especially the luxury and developed ones, and are distinguished by their diversity in terms of specifications and high-end features, such as the view, for example, where luxury hotel apartments in Istanbul compete with each other in the breadth, quality, and beauty of the view, in addition to the smart services provided in the apartment or decorations, furniture, degree of luxury, interior and exterior designs, and colours.

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Prices of luxury apartments in Istanbul

No matter how high the prices of luxury apartments in Istanbul are, they remain competitive when compared with the prices of similar luxury apartments in European or foreign countries or even the Gulf countries.

The prices of luxury apartments in Istanbul vary depending on many of the features and specifications that the apartment has. The most important things to mention in this context are:

  • The location of the apartment and its proximity to transportation, highways, public facilities, tourist attractions in Istanbul, and vital projects in the region. The degree of elegance of the decorations, designs, designs, and colors used.
  • The apartment's view, whether on the sea or on tourist places, offers of  luxury apartments in Istanbul with a sea view of great importance and therefore a greater price value because it is popular and sought-after. 
  • The services provided in the apartment and within the residential complex in terms of all service facilities and the degree of sophistication of these services include: security services, cleaning services, gardens, saunas, bathrooms, shops, delivery services, swimming pools, playgrounds, clubs, reception centers, children’s clubs, and much more. In addition to the type of title deed and the finishes of the apartment or property. 
  • The newness or age of the property in general. The more newly built the property is, the more expensive its price will be. There are special cases in which luxury properties in Istanbul are priced lower than what is offered on the market, which is when they are purchased while being under construction. This is a type of facility provided by construction companies in Turkey to attract investors.

In general, offers of luxury apartments in Istanbul are more expensive than other real estate offers that include ordinary apartments for sale in Istanbul.

Where can you find luxury apartments in Istanbul?

Luxury apartments in Istanbul Sisli is one of the most important and most suitable offers for luxury real estate in Istanbul for sale. There are many neighborhoods within which you can find offers of luxury apartments in Istanbul for sale, such as Avcılar, Beylikduzu, and Sisli. Yet Sisli is the preferred area or neighborhood in terms of ease of obtaining the finest luxury apartments in Istanbul, so why?

There are many factors that contribute to the increase in luxury real estate, especially luxury real estate offers in Istanbul Sisli, unlike other Istanbul neighborhoods, including:

  • Sisli's strategic location in Turkey. 
  • Sisli's proximity to one of the most important vital facilities and advanced service facilities. 
  • Sisli real estate's proximity to the newest and fastest means of transportation in Turkey, the express metro. 
  • The beautiful sea views enjoyed by luxury apartments in Istanbul Sisli. 
  • Sisli's proximity to prominent tourist attractions in Istanbul, Turkey, especially the ancient archaeological ones. 
  • The presence of the finest and most modern service facilities, especially tourist facilities such as restaurants and resorts. 
  • The proximity of apartments of Istanbul Sisli to the huge malls and commercial centers in the country. 
  • The Sisli area is considered the area of the rich and celebrities. 

Obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying luxury apartments in Istanbul

Yes, quite simply, the investor who wants to obtain Turkish citizenship by owning a property in Turkey and buying luxury apartments in Istanbul, specifically, must buy real estate worth 400 thousand US dollars or the equivalent of this value, or more of course. It should be noted that the investor, his/her spouse, and children under the age of eighteen obtain Turkish citizenship and a Turkish passport within a period not exceeding ninety days.

If the investor cannot meet the property value requirement, which is 400,000 US dollars, he can obtain real estate residence permit in Turkey, which requires purchasing a property worth 200,000 dollars in any Turkish city.

Real estate companies in Istanbul help you obtain many offers of luxurious apartments in Istanbul that are suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey and also help you learn about the steps to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey.

If you would like to know more about investing in luxury Istanbul real estate, do not hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp, here. The real estate consultant will contact you immediately.



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