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Feb 5, 2023

Istanbul Real Estate: How to Buy an Apartment

Istanbul is the most famous Turkish state and ranks first in terms of area and population. Investment activity in Istanbul real estate comes more as a need than as a specific independent activity. Istanbul real estate, or Turkey real estate in general, and its development comes to fill the outdated needs of the rest of the tourism, health, and education sectors in Istanbul and Turkey in general.

Real estate in Turkey is diverse and varies in terms of components, purposes and prices. Istanbul real estate offers are considered one of the most popular real estate options among local residents and local and foreign investors. There are attractive and competitive offers for Istanbul real estate, whether apartments, detached houses, villas or others, within both European Istanbul and Asian Istanbul. In this article, we will learn about Istanbul real estate and how to buy an apartment in Istanbul.

Do you want to buy an apartment within Istanbul real estate?


The stages and steps of buying an apartment in Istanbul real estate are easy and simple, which can be summarized as follows:

  • Define the apartment in Istanbul through an effective search for Istanbul real estate that intersect with the desires and requests of the investor. You can find many options and patterns according to any goal, and you also have the option to buy in the continent of Asia or Europe. In addition, you can also choose the view you want, whether sea, lake, garden, forest, or others. 
  • Agreeing on the sale and purchase of the apartment and starting work on the official paperwork and transferring ownership of the property, between the seller and the buyer. 
  • The process of buying an apartment in Istanbul, Turkey can be done easily, smoothly and within a short, standard period of time if done through one of the Istanbul real estate offices or companies, Turkey.

Real estate companies rely on their rich and wide network of relationships with companies and government institutions in Turkey, embassies of different countries, and institutions concerned with real estate investment within various Arab and foreign countries to carry out all the steps of purchasing an apartment in Istanbul and investing in it. Within a relatively short period of time, it ensures that you stay safe and comply with real estate legal legislation completely.

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Buying European Istanbul real estate:

Many investors are moving towards buying Istanbul real estate in Turkey. Istanbul real estate offers vary between apartments in Asian and European Istanbul, and each of these offers has special advantages. The largest segment of investors wants to buy an apartment in European Istanbul due to the superior advantages and components, such as proximity to high urban centers, malls, shopping centers, and modern means of transportation, especially the fast metro that connects the European and Asian regions of Istanbul.

European Istanbul real estate offers are characterized by relatively high prices compared to offers for apartments for sale in other Istanbul Turkey. You can buy an apartment in European Istanbul with multiple options, locations, and benefits. Within Beylikduzu, Esenyurt, Sisli, Avcılar, Fatih, Taksim, or. Each of Istanbul's European regions has distinct characteristics that are reflected in European Istanbul apartments.

Features of European Istanbul real estate:

If you want to buy European Istanbul real estate and are wondering about real estate prices there, we must clarify here that prices on the European side of Istanbul are higher than prices on the Asian side for several reasons, including:

  • The European side of Istanbul includes many laboratories, factories, and headquarters of the most important international companies. 
  • This part of the city of Istanbul is witnessing great commercial activity. 
  • There is a great demand for purchasing European Istanbul real estate as a result of its great urban development and the development of its infrastructure. So this side of the city provides you with a stable and upscale life. 
  • A large number of foreigners prefer to live in the European part because it is the part where the majority of foreigners live, while the majority of Turks live in the Asian side.

Buying Asian Istanbul real estate:

The Asian side of Istanbul is characterized by a long history and a calm environment, in addition to a different architectural style from the European side. This is due to several reasons, including the chronological development of the city of Istanbul and its expansion over time towards the European side, which took a more modern form. With the urban development on the European side and the overcrowding that it witnessed, the trend began to The Asian side, which includes many ancient and distinguished neighborhoods that have distinctive residential and investment characteristics. We mention among the Asian neighborhoods of Istanbul that are witnessing urban development in terms of real estate projects: Uskudar, Umraniye, Atasehir, Kartal and Kadikoy.

We mentioned in the previous paragraph that European Istanbul real estate is more expensive in terms of price, but we must note that there are areas witnessing a noticeable increase on the Asian side after the opening of the new Istanbul Financial Center, and such areas contain the rising Istanbul real estate, Atasehir and Umraniye.

Buying cheap apartments in Istanbul:

Many people are looking for cheap Istanbul real estate offers. Cheap offers and buying a cheap apartment for sale in Istanbul can be found in various regions and neighborhoods and within relatively modest features and specifications.

Buying a cheap apartment in Istanbul, Türkiye is a convenient and feasible option. You can get cheap offers by communicating with real estate companies in Istanbul that keep you informed with the latest real estate offers that include cheap Istanbul real estate.

In general, apartment prices in Istanbul are competitive and cheap compared to the prices of apartments with similar specifications, features and modern appliances in a European or foreign country. The prices of Istanbul real estate and apartments in Turkey increase the closer these apartments are to the huge vital projects in the region, modern transportation routes, and prominent tourist places. Statistics indicate an increasing demand among investors to buy cheap or medium-priced apartments in Istanbul. Therefore, Istanbul apartments for sale are characterized by an increase in prices over time.

Therefore, real estate offices advise investors to seize the available real estate opportunities and buy apartments in Istanbul, especially since they herald a bright and profitable investment future.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying Istanbul real estate

Foreign investors can apply to obtain Turkish citizenship by owning a property or by purchasing Istanbul real estate, provided that the value of the apartment or total apartments reaches 400 thousand US dollars or the equivalent according to the currency exchange rate.

There are many Istanbul real estate offers that are appropriate to purchase in order to apply for Turkish citizenship. Many investors ask about the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship by owning a property and buying an apartment in Istanbul in installments.

Yes, it is possible to pay Istanbul real estate in installments and apply for Turkish citizenship, provided that the first payment is 400 thousand US dollars. Real estate offices in Turkey help you obtain Turkish citizenship within a short and standard period of time.

If you would like to know more about Istanbul real estate, do not hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp, here. We will respond to your inquiries as soon as possible.



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