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Feb 5, 2023

Real Estate for Sale in Istanbul at the Lowest Prices

Are you looking for real estate for sale in Istanbul? Many of us wish to live in Turkey and reside there permanently, especially Istanbul, where Turkey and Istanbul in particular are considered one of the most beautiful parts of the world and have distinctive geographical elements that made it one of the most important cities in Turkey, as it provides all technical and health services to all its residents.

In addition to its enjoyment of strong infrastructure and its supervision of important waterways, which made it a destination for all Arabs and foreigners, either for residence and residence, or for investment and work, or for tourism and recreation.

Apartments for sale in Istanbul at cheap prices

Most foreigners, and Arabs in particular, tended to settle and live in Turkey and even own property in it and search for real estate for sale in Turkey and buy real estate at cheap prices, especially after some decrees and laws were issued and some articles were amended in the real estate ownership law, whereby the treatment became reciprocal and foreigners were allowed to own and buy real estate for sale in Istanbul or any city in Turkey.

Istanbul was at the forefront of the desirable cities for housing and residence and the search for apartments for sale at cheap prices. In recent years, the percentage of buying and investing apartments in Turkey has increased, and the Iraqi people are at the forefront of those who search for real estate for sale in Istanbul, buy apartments in Turkey, invest in them and live within its lands.

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Features of real estate for sale in Istanbul

Real estate for sale in Istanbul have many features that make it an ideal destination for living and investing together. This city is distinguished by its strategic location between the European and Asian continents, making it a vital center for trade, investment and culture. There is a variety of properties available in Istanbul, from luxury apartments in residential towers to luxurious villas on the Bosphorus. In this paragraph, we will review the most important advantages of buying real estate for sale in Istanbul:

  • It is considered the commercial and economic capital in Turkey due to its important strategic location and its supervision of important seas. Therefore, it is a refuge for all investors, capital owners and anyone who searches for apartments for sale in Turkey, as it has cheap apartments prepared for sale.
  • Istanbul provides job opportunities for all who live in it because it is one of the largest markets in Turkey and the largest commercial and economic center in Turkey.
  • Ease of movement due to the existence of a network of modern roads and transportation linking the city’s parts to each other between European Istanbul and Asian Istanbul.
  • In addition to the availability of strong infrastructure and the provision of all the services needed by the residents living there.
  • Istanbul apartments can serve all tastes because of their diversity and distinctive specifications and are considered cheap compared to the apartments of neighboring countries.

Are there cheap real estate for sale in Istanbul?

Certainly, there are many areas in Istanbul where apartments are available at cheap prices and with distinguished specifications in terms of service and geography, and the reason for this is due to the purchasing power available in the city

The strong offers and the competitive real estate market impose competitive prices, and this is what makes Istanbul one of the most important cities that compete strongly in the real estate market. The prices that are available in Istanbul are cheap and their value is low compared to European countries.

Cheapest areas to buy real estate in Istanbul

Certainly, there are many areas in Istanbul that are famous for their low-cost apartments, the most important of which are:

  • Silivri area overlooking the Sea of ​​Marmara, it is a beautiful tourist area away from the city center about seventy kilometers. It can also be considered a rural area because it is famous for many agricultural areas, and the government in Turkey is working to improve its infrastructure and secure a network of modern transportation methods such as the metrobus.
  • Esenyurt district in Istanbul is considered the most district in Istanbul that attracts Arab investors, as it is characterized by the presence of Arab markets and Arab schools, and the state is working to improve this area by establishing service projects in it and securing a modern transportation network to connect it with the city center of Istanbul.
  • Kartal district in Istanbul, this area is famous for having the cheapest apartments for sale because it is somewhat away from the city center.
  • The Basaksehir area is one of the best areas of Istanbul because of its location in the European center of Istanbul, in addition to the availability of all services, schools and transportation, which made it an important investment area.
  • Bahcesehir area This area is famous for its wonderful beauty and many gardens. It is close to the Basaksehir area and includes a number of residential complexes and cheap apartments for sale.
  • Antalya region, where Antalya real estate is considered one of the distinctive and cheap properties, in addition to the possibility of buying an apartment in installments in Antalya.
  • Trabzon area, where Trabzon apartments for sale in convenient installments are considered one of the most beautiful apartments in terms of supervision, so there was a lot of demand for the area, as it owns distinctive properties and apartments for sale.

In the end, we find that Turkey is making intense efforts at the urban level, as it is always in a constant quest to create new housing projects with the latest specifications and the best possible prices that suit all people, whether they are Turkish citizens or foreigners from outside the country. The real estate advantages that Turkey enjoys, especially Istanbul, are many and distinguished, Which makes Istanbul one of the most important goals sought by everyone who wants to buy apartments for the purpose of residence or even investment.

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