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Feb 5, 2023

Real estate investment in Turkey and the Gulf .. Which is better?

The concept of real estate investment means buying a housing unit or entering as a partner in a real estate, administrative or commercial project .

Investments in real estate is considered one of the most successful investments at all, and it is one of the safest ways to save money in the best visible way.

Investment operations, whether by purchase or sale, are studied in an accurate and comprehensive study based on the accurate statistics that are being done. It studies the market situation. Therefore, the results of real estate investment always come out 100% successful.

Real estate investment is part of investment in general, but it has several forms that fit and suit the nature of the investor and his money.

The forms of real estate investment are:

·    Make a purchase of a plot of land.

·    Purchasing an apartment in a building.

·    Buying a villa.

·    Purchasing a building, whether residential, commercial or administrative.

·    Purchasing an entire floor in a building.

·    Entering into a partnership with a plot of land or carrying out construction operations on land not owned by him.

·    Undertaking the process of establishing a property as a partner in it.

• Real estate investment between the Gulf countries and Turkey

If we make a general comparison of the Gulf countries and Turkey, it is certain that there are many differences between them. Speaking of real estate investment, each country has its own advantages. The Gulf countries have their own character at this level, which is represented by the nature of the Gulf cities from such as location, climate, real estate specifications and different prices depending on the country’s economy, the extent of competition in it, and the percentages of purchasing power in the real estate investment sector. And often those who intend to invest in the Gulf countries are from the Gulf itself and not as a tourist or a foreigner. The reason for this is that there are many businessmen and owners of money from the Gulf countries who do not want to completely change the location of their investment. Whoever gets used to the desert climate, high temperatures and the nature of society there may find it difficult to transfer his investment to a different place, a different society, a new investment system and a different cold climate.

As for Turkey, it is considered a magnet for foreign and Arab investors alike, and this is due to the many opportunities for real estate investment in it, as it attracts investors interested in working in the field of trade in its various forms, as well as investors wishing to invest in the industrial and real estate sector. One of the most prominent features of the real estate market in Turkey is that it is an emerging and strong market. It is ranked second in the world in terms of activity and the strongest construction market in the world, while Turkey, in turn, ranks fourth in the list of the top ten real estate investment sites in the world. This is due to each of the components that it possesses, as well as the infrastructure, and most importantly, what the Turkish government is doing, offering legal facilities and convenient and very important laws that attract foreigners and businessmen, whether they are Arabs or foreigners.

• Advantages of real estate investment in the United Arab Emirates

The UAE offers many investment advantages in the real estate sector, as its economy is considered one of the strongest at the regional and global levels, in addition to being one of the most popular tourist destinations. Among the advantages of buying a property for real estate investment in Dubai are:

The facilities it provides, as the state does not impose fees on income tax, which encourages many people to invest in it, even for those looking for options that match the lowest capital to buy real estate in the UAE.

The real estate market in the country is one of the most prominent global markets, as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah and others are currently achieving the best successes and advances. This is due to the low prices of goods and services, in addition to the availability of a solid infrastructure, which increases the demand for ready-made and residential properties significantly.

The country has architectural tourist attractions that broke the Guinness World Records, such as the Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest tower in the world, as well as many distinctive artificial islands that provide the best residential properties such as Jumeirah Palm, which is characterized by sandy beaches, waterfalls and beautiful oases.

Dubai real estate offers high average rental yields that give investors huge amounts of money, due to its booming economy that attracts a lot of international investments.

• Advantages of real estate investment in Turkey

The real estate sector in Turkey is considered one of the best competitive sectors at the level of major countries, where Turkey and its cities are famous for their economic strength, rapid development and the great leap that Turkey has achieved on the economic level, making it one of the leading countries at all levels.

Among the advantages of investing in the Turkish real estate sector:

The possibility of benefiting from the construction boom in Turkey and the development of infrastructure.

People's uninterrupted need for housing and offices to work, especially with the increase in the population of Turkey, and the large increase in the number of foreign arrivals and residents, which means that the idea of ​​profit from real estate in Turkey is largely guaranteed.

There are no restrictions on foreigners to own real estate in Turkey, with the exception of four nationalities. “Only Syrians among Arab nationalities are not allowed to own real estate in Turkey.”

Whoever is prohibited from owning real estate in Turkey because of his nationality, can own the property after establishing a company in Turkey, and buy it in the name of the company .

Turkey grants the right of real estate residence to those who own real estate in it.

Turkey grants the right of Turkish citizenship to those whose real estate prices in Turkey exceed 250 thousand US dollars.

Real estate prices in Turkey do not change with the price of the Turkish currency against foreign currencies .

The annual increase in the price of real estate is encouraging in many Turkish states.

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