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Feb 5, 2023

Best Area to Buy Real Estate in Asian Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the most active cities in the real estate sector, and most real estate investments, particularly Istanbul properties, are concentrated in this vibrant metropolis. It serves as Turkey's economic capital and its commercial and industrial center of gravity, not to mention its valuable cultural heritage and distinctive tourist sites that have made it the first destination for many Arab and foreign tourists. The city's strategic location has heightened its appeal for those looking to invest in and buy real estate.

As is known, the city of Istanbul is divided into two parts, a European part and an Asian part. The Asian section, including Istanbul properties, is characterized by the beauty of its nature, charming green spaces, and distinguished services. In addition, the Asian section is famous for its calm compared to the more noisy European section of the Asian side.

Asian Istanbul Properties

Istanbul real estate located in the Asian side is distinguished by its beautiful and distinctive views. The Asian section is full of picturesque green areas and the picturesque nature that captures the eye, in addition to the relative calm that this section enjoys, which made the properties in it distinctive characterized by comfortable calm, surrounded by wonderful nature. The Asian section consists of about 14 districts; the options are as large as the region and vary from apartments and offices to agricultural lands and villas. All the requirements that any investor and businessman needs are abundant in Asian Istanbul.


• The most important areas in the Asian section of Istanbul

In this section there are many distinctive areas, which are among the best options for buying real estate, whether the goal is commercial or for the purpose of residence, we mention the most important areas suitable for buying a property in Asian Istanbul:

The well-known Uskudar district, located in the Asian side of Istanbul, enjoys its beautiful green nature and excellent services. It is overlooking the Bosphorus with a wonderful sea view. It also includes the Maiden's Tower and many historical and tourist attractions that attract tourists. Within the Uskudar district of Istanbul, there is the Camlica Hill, the highest peak in Istanbul. It also includes many ancient mosques, including the Great Çamlıca Mosque.

Uskudar is one of the famous areas in Istanbul, Asia, which is known for its beautiful sea views, and it is a destination for many who want to buy a property in a well-known and beautiful area like Uskudar.

"Umraniye" area, one of the largest areas in the Asian side of Istanbul, characterized by its picturesque nature and modern designs, is a strong and suitable option for those who wish to search for a property in it.

Kadikoy district, Kadikoy is considered one of the most beautiful areas of Istanbul, where it combines sophistication and the blending and diversity of cultures. It is considered one of the most prestigious areas of Istanbul and contains the most famous restaurants and cafes. It contains various land and sea transportation routes. It includes many shopping areas and distinctive malls. It is considered one of the most prestigious areas of Istanbul and contains the most famous restaurants and cafes. It contains various land and sea transportation routes. It includes many shopping areas and distinctive malls.

Ataşehir district, is considered one of the most important investment areas in Turkey and Istanbul, and is known for its great fame thanks to its spacious and large areas, and its great role in contributing to the Turkish economy, due to the presence of the most important Turkish and foreign financial centers, in addition to its richness in tourist areas that attract many visitors. It includes many skyscrapers and huge shopping centers, and this greatly enhances the world of investment in this region, so it is the focus of attention for many investors and businessmen interested in real estate trade.

Pendik area, which is one of the most important Asian regions of Istanbul in terms of tourism, it is a large area with a population of about 33 thousand people. The region includes a large number of various service centers such as the many schools and universities that cover the needs of all students within the region and even abroad, in addition to the presence of the most important and largest technology center, not to mention other service centers such as hospitals that are characterized by their high-end services. The region contains the second largest hospital in Turkey, and this is what made the region distinguished on the scientific and tourism level, which also made it the focus of attention for investors, especially those who have families and children, and aims to reside in the Asian side.


• Advantages of buying a property in the Asian side:

Istanbul receives great attention from the Turkish government, as it is very keen to provide the city with the most important real estate and investment plans and projects that will raise the importance of Istanbul more and more and prove its presence at the regional and global levels. Therefore, we find the Turkish government keen to cover and provide the full capabilities needed by all sectors in Istanbul, so you can see the recreational and service facilities in it such as schools, hospitals, restaurants and parks. The richness of the areas in historical and archaeological sites made it a destination for many Arab and foreign tourists. What encourages many investors to buy their real estate in the Asian side of Istanbul is the charming green spaces that characterize the city and the relative calm that anyone needs.


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