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Feb 5, 2023

Istanbul properties: Everything about villas in 2024

Istanbul is considered one of the largest cities in the world in terms of population, culture and history. It is also one of the most attractive cities for real estate investors from all over the world.

In this article, we will talk about the world of Istanbul properties, specifically villas, in terms of offers, areas and neighborhoods, in addition to the factors that make it an ideal destination for investors which affect the Istanbul properties market, in addition to current developments and future trends.

Istanbul properties is a world worth exploring for its unique charm and architectural and cultural diversity, ranging from luxury residential apartments to commercial projects and certainly luxury villas, which make Istanbul properties an irresistible destination for investors looking for profitable and stable investment opportunities in light of an active and thriving real estate market.

Villas in Istanbul 

Studies indicate that choosing Istanbul properties is the ideal choice for purchasing villas because the city includes thousands of historical tourist attractions that attract millions of visitors to it. In addition to the distinctive and strategic location of the city between the continents of Europe and Asia, and the development plans and projects that the Turkish government is implementing in the city. Not to mention the distinctive and diverse villas in the various regions. The city of Istanbul is large and its areas are vast, so the villas there are many and varied.

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Factors that affect prices of villas in Istanbul

There are many factors that affect the prices of Istanbul properties in general and Istanbul villas in particular, which are:


In general, the location affects directly all Istanbul properties in terms of its proximity or distance from the city center in determining the value of the villa. The price of villas located in the heart of the city is higher than those located in the suburbs. Also, villas adjacent to the historical areas and the Bosphorus Strait are considered expensive. All of this plays an essential role in determining the value of the villa to be evaluated.

Villa condition

If the villa is under construction, its price is supposed to be relatively low, which leaves a better margin for a good return on investment compared to a ready-to-move villa, in addition to the likelihood of prices improving in the future.

Villa area

It also plays an essential role in determining villa prices. But you must pay attention to the protrusions, clear area, total area, and internal division. In general, the larger the area of the property, the lower its unit price per square meter and vice versa.

Supply and demand

Like any other commodity, real estate is affected by the law of supply and demand, such that prices fall when supply is available and, in return, rise when it is scarce.

Types of villas in Istanbul

Tourist villas

First of all, we have many villas in tourist areas in Turkey, which are generally located in central Turkey, as they are located in places with a wonderful view, such as being on the coast for example. These villas are considered high-priced real estate in Istanbul because they are much more expensive than regular villas, while maintaining the similarities between them, such as interior specifications and vast spaces.

Ordinary villas

Ordinary villas are a large area surrounded by walls and are often located in a quiet and secluded area, usually concentrated in the countryside. They are specially designed for those who love tranquility and being away from places of hustle and bustle, or at the worst within the suburbs of important cities or quiet neighborhoods.

What distinguishes villas in Istanbul?

There are some important factors and specifications that characterize Istanbul properties, especially villas, as these factors attract many investors who want to buy for residence or ownership. We mention some of the points that distinguish these villas:

  • Opportunities for renting villas in Turkey provide higher monthly profits than the returns you can earn from renting apartments.

  • The investment purposes that a villa in Turkey opens up to the investor are broader than other real estate properties, so they can be invested in broader and more profitable forms of residential investment.

  • Tourists often prefer villas in Turkey over residential apartments, so the chances of benefiting from villas in Turkey on the tourist side are greater than apartments, especially for Gulf families who spend their holidays in Turkey.

  • The sea and natural views of villas in Turkey are often better and more eye-catching than the views of residential apartments, because the apartments are within residential complexes and not all apartments may overlook a natural view, a seashore or a lake, so the views are for one apartment and not another, unlike the villa where the views can be enjoyed wider.

  • Life in villas in Turkey is often characterized by higher luxury than other properties, and it also gives a wider area of comfort.

  • The profits that a buyer can make from buying a villa in Turkey are much greater than the profits from apartments when selling them, and if the investor buys a villa under construction, he increases the percentage of his future profits.

  • Usually, villas in Turkey are less affected by competition with similar properties, because each villa has different features and this is not the case with apartments. The chances of villa prices in Turkey falling due to speculation with competitors are much less than the speculation that occurs when selling apartments in Turkey.

Factors on which the prices of villas depend

You cannot say that there are fixed prices for Istanbul properties or Istanbul villas, as these matters are difficult to predict and this depends on their region, as is the case in buying apartments, because public transportation factors and proximity to the city center often do not affect determining the exact price of the villa. However, the price of the villa depends on many components and specifications, which may include:

  • Its construction, size and views.

  • Number of rooms and services, surrounding green space.

  • Interior decoration and room distribution within the villa.

Yet, in general, you may find villas in Istanbul at prices ranging from 200 thousand US dollars to one and a half million dollars, and of course each price corresponds to the specifications that suit it. The prices of villas under construction are often lower than their ready counterparts, which ensures a wider profit margin for the buyer. Also, villas with two floors or more have a higher return and carry greater investment opportunities, as they are used in the commercial field more than in the residential field, which opens up great prospects for increasing profits.

In conclusion, we note that the purchasing market in Turkey in general and in the city of Istanbul in particular is witnessing great demand due to the facilities provided by the Turkish government in terms of offers and procedures that suit merchants and owners of money, and this matter has attracted many investors and those wishing to buy villas, in addition, the prices of villas in Istanbul are good compared to the prices of villas in Europe, and this increases investors’ desire for them.

Due to the diversity of real estate offers and excellent services available in Istanbul villas and real estate, investors can easily find the ideal property that meets all their needs and aspirations. These villas also provide a luxurious and comfortable residential environment for residents, making them an ideal choice for living and investment.

In addition, the continued economic growth in the city of Istanbul, the development of infrastructure and the strategic projects that were opened recently, enhance the attractiveness of villas as a future investment option. If you are looking for an opportunity to invest in luxury and stable Istanbul properties in a strategic area like Istanbul, Istanbul Villas offers you this opportunity in the best ways.

If you want to know more about investing in Istanbul properties, do not hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp, here. Your international real estate consultant will contact you as soon as possible.



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