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Feb 5, 2023

Guarantee the best return on real estate investment in Turkey

The real estate market in Turkey is characterized by the abundance of options and the high competitiveness between projects, and the idea of ​​real estate investment in Turkey is one of the current best ways to achieve a high profit return on capital. The fluctuation of the exchange rate of the Turkish lira against the dollar also constitutes a difference in opportunities, as it may represent a rare opportunity for high profit in some cases, and less valuable opportunities in other cases.

How can I, as an investor or property owner in Turkey, achieve the highest possible return on investment?

1- Buying at market price:

Ensuring the best return on real estate investment in Turkey There are several projects that sell at two different prices between foreigners and Turks, or that the project price is higher than the price of the region.

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Therefore, when you increase the price of the area or increase the price of the project, you will not find a satisfactory return for you because you originally bought at the high price.

2- Buying a property off-plan:

Guaranteeing the best return on real estate investment in Turkey Buying and reselling gives the highest return in the field of real estate, especially when buying an apartment on the scheme.

But there is an important point to note:

The reputation of the construction company that sells the property, as it is necessary to review in detail the company’s past and previous projects.

You must also check the contract details carefully and review the penal terms mentioned therein.

Also, knowing that the delay in the delivery of the project for several months is possible.

It is also recommended to buy the best possible look, which is often required by the buyer and also helps you to resell more easily.

The most important point is that the purchase price is in Turkish lira.

Ensure the best return on real estate investment in Turkey. If you guarantee these points, you are on the right track, and you will get the highest return on investment from the sale.

3- Renting out the property:

Ensuring the best return on real estate investment in Turkey To benefit from the maximum return on renting in Turkey, you should focus on the points that usually interest the tenant in order of priority:

- Good view of the apartment

-The area of ​​the apartment so that it is suitable for the distribution of furniture, at least at a minimum.

-The cleanliness of the apartment and the best use of the spaces in it.

- Close to public transportation, especially the metro and metrobus.

-Safety in residential complexes is a basic requirement.

- That the area surrounding the property has basic services such as hospitals, restaurants, cafes and shopping centers.

-Gardens and playgrounds for children.

-Proximity to universities and schools, and in this case, the property can be arranged to be rented to students.

Furnishing the apartment and renting it furnished (hotel and tourist apartments) is one of the important points that raise the rental return significantly.

Focusing on the previous points ensures that you achieve the largest possible return on investment from owning a property in Turkey, and the real estate advice that you get from a professional real estate consultant provides you with the right investment option with the least possible time and effort.

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